Chuck and Larry – A Typical Jewish Family

There will always be some skeptics who don’t believe in the Holy Bible. Could the great Jewish king David really have been such a pervert?

One of the best proofs is the outstanding film, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” (2007), from Jewish director David Dugan. Its the story of a Jewish fireman who had 2 children (with a woman). The woman died. The Jewish widower is called Larry Valentine, or at other times Kevin James. His son, Eric, is gay.

Word quickly got around that these Jews were gay, and the other firemen wouldn’t play basketball with them anymore. Larry/Kevin couldn’t even coach Little League anymore.

Fortunately, the enquiring mind can find plenty of evidence to confirm the Holy Bible on this point. And you don’t have to learn Hebrew, or even visit a dusty archaeology museum.

Adam Sandler (also Chuck) calls himself a “whore”. Is this an honest Jew speaking the truth?

Kevin/Larry is a devoted father to his gay son, and would like to find a “domestic partner” to help raise his gay son. Who better than his Jewish pal Adam Sandler?

Adam and Kevin elope to Canada to finalize their gay marriage, and then set up a common household to raise the gay son Eric.

Adam/Chuck fell in love with his goy female lawyer Alex, who had an openly gay brother. Larry/Kevin likes the gay life, and disposes of his dead wife’s clothing.

These gay Jews get into a court, and lie under oath. Then they admit they perjured themselves, but claim it didn’t hurt anyone, so they shouldn’t be penalized.

“Most of the so-called ‘sexual revolution’ that was begun in the late 1960s, is only a continuation of the ceaseless search by the Jews for increased uses for their circumcised penises and for increased profits from their various sex trades, both legal and illegal.” (Dr. Wu Tao-Wei, Viagra for Bigger and Bigger … uh … Profits,

Film director Dugan didn’t need to spend hours brainstorming to get his story line. He just flipped open the Holy Bible, updated the names, and that was it.

This is just how Jews are, Anno Domini 2007.

Whether the story is called “David and Jonathan”, or “Chuck and Larry”, Jews have sex with men, or women, or just lie about it.

This film is a great comedy. You have to laugh when you consider that people send their children to Jewish doctors for “medical treatment”, let them study in universities with Jewish professors, and attend Christian churches which push “Judeo-Christian” values.

One response to “Chuck and Larry – A Typical Jewish Family

  1. The movie “Chuck and Larry” is the best movie I have seen this year(2009)

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