Jewish Pirates

Some occupations get attacked a lot in Hollywood films — priests, German camp guards, and Christian missionaries.

But one occupation gets only praise — that of the pirates.

Recently “The Jewish Walt Disney Company” (Professor Hasan Bolkhari, Member of the Film Council of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, cultural advisor to the Iranian Education Ministry, Iran Channel 4, February 19, 2006, cited at presented a series of three films put together by Jewish (Biography of Jerry Bruckheimer, Barnes and Noble, filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer.

The theme was Jewish pirates in the Caribbean. The films included four Jewish pirate captains — Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, and Bill Nighy. (Rush at far left, Depp at right, pic: Walt Disney Pictures)

Nighy likes to visit New York’s Jewish delis, where one of his favorite dishes is the matzo ball soup. (NOT-ZO BRIGHT, New York Post, January 10, 2007, In the film, he plays pirate captain Davy Jones. Jones sails around the world looking for slaves to work on his ship for a period of 100 years. His beard consists of octopus-like tentacles which he uses to strangle enemies when arguments get heated.

Nicolae Paulescu, professor of physiology at University of Bucharest, said that the Jews of Rumania dominated trade and industry. Their octopus-like tentacles were squeezing the people of Rumania. He said they wanted to turn the country into a new Palestine. (Keith Hitchins, Rumania 1866 – 1947, Clarendon Press, 1994, p. 402)

Nighy is portrayed as not even having a heart, and being unbelievably brutal with his slaves, and with his competitors.

The Jew (Famous Jews,

Orlando Bloom plays the role of pirate captain Will Turner. He infiltrates colonial society to win the love of the goy governor’s daughter, and then sucks her into piracy. He betrays his comrades in the films. Which brings us back to Shechem and the treachery there.

Jewish actor ( Geoffrey Rush plays pirate Captain Barbossa, a variation on Barbosa, an old Jewish name (S Levin. M.D., A Spot of Identity, Rush led a mutiny (treachery) against fellow pirate Depp, leaving Depp on a small, deserted island to die.

Depp plays captain Jack Sparrow, a Jewish pirate with bad breath. So bad that when he blew on fellow Jew Orlando Bloom, Bloom fell overboard the ship.

Barbra Streisand brought attention to this Jewish trait: “Brooklyn once seemed to her a place with no redeeming features, not even its ice cream. She called it the home of ‘baseball, boredom and bad breath.'” (Anne Fadiman, BARBRA PUTS HER CAREER ON THE LINE WITH ‘YENTL’ – AND LEARNS NEW LESSONS ABOUT HER POWER AND HER FEMININITY, Life Magazine, December 1983)(emphasis added)

The real, historical pirates were Jews. Like Jean Laffite. He lived between 1780 and 1826. He spent years raiding Spanish shipping. Sure he liked silver and gold, but what he really enjoyed was a cargo of slaves. (compare with Pernambuco) Once he and his crew had used the slaves for their depraved appetites, he brought them to his brother Pierre Laffite in Louisiana for sale to plantations. (The Free Dictionary,,+Jean)

Laffite “claimed to command more than 3,000 men”, but “The actual number he commanded was more likely a few dozen”. (Jean Lafitte, Wikipedia)

And this Jew was a loyal citizen? “The Lafittes were also engaged in espionage, and were, in effect, double agents. The notion of their loyalty to the United States, while much evoked by their own publicity, was highly dubious. The Lafittes (Pierre, in particular) spied for Spain through agents in Cuba and in Louisiana. While often providing solid material, the Lafittes in fact played both sides, American and Spanish, and always with an eye to securing their own interests.” (id.)(emphasis added)

They were spies. Loyal only to themselves, and betraying the countries they did business with.

And the Jewish bloodline?

“this diary would demonstrate that Jean Lafitte was Jewish, through descent from his maternal grandmother Zora Nadrimal. Harold I. Sharfman in Jews on the Frontier: An account of Jewish Pioneers and Settlers in Early America, accepted that Lafitte was of Jewish descent. The family were Marranos who converted under pressure to Roman Catholicism in the 14th century, but continued to practice Judaism secretly. In 1765, Jean’s grandmother, Maria Zola, fled with her mother from Spain to France to escape the Spanish Inquisition. Maria Zola’s husband, Abhorad (Jean’s grandfather), was put to death by the Inquisition for “judaizing.” (Sharfman, Harold I., Jews on the Frontier, Henry Regnery Company, Chicago. 1977. pp. 132-145).” (id.)

Converted? That was just show. They were Jews all along.

Barbossa engages in disputes with fellow Jewish pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). Both would like to be captain, and engage in lying and trachery on a regular basis. “Sparrow is the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea and can be treacherous, surviving mostly by using wit and negotiation rather than weapons and force; although he will fight if necessary, he tries to flee most dangerous situations.” (Jack Sparrow, Wikipedia)

“According to screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, Sparrow is a trickster who uses wit and deceit to attain his goals”. (id.)

He is a liar and a trickster. With an “enormous ego”. (id.) His Jewish father, Captain Teague (a typical Jewish name), was also a pirate. Little Jack was born on a pirate ship during a storm. (id.)

The Jewish pirate captain Davy Jones asked Depp how he could sell out a friend to a lifetime of slavery. Depp said he was good at this. (id.) “Sparrow also has bad personal hygiene”. (id.) He suffers from bad breath, and blew the foul air at a man to knock him off the ship.

There was practically no hygiene in the Jewish neighborhood of Rome. The Jews had a peculiar stench. (Peter de Rosa, Gottes Erste Diener – Die dunkle Seite des Papsttums, 1989, p. 241)

He stole rum to satisfy his unnatural thirst. (Wikipedia, id.)

Sparrow slowly loses his mind in the course of the series. “Disney executives were initially confused by Depp’s performance, asking him whether the character was drunk or gay.” (id.) Compare here.

A group of Jewish pirate captains engaging in lying and treachery. When they aren’t busy stealing from others. Even fellow Jews weren’t sure if pirate captain Sparrow was drunk or gay.

Is the Jew Bruckheimer anti-Semitic? “It is not anti-Semitic to tell the truth”. (Celebrate Messiah Australia,

But he certainly does show his people in a bad light.

Robbery at sea. Lying. Treachery.

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  2. Captain Jean Lafitte didn’t spy for satanic Spain because the spanish were still torturing ‘Nuevo Christianos’ ie. secret Jews (Morannos) Including his parents. He only wanted to seek revenge on spanish ships etc. Even today spain is still a very anti-semitic country. One day in the not too distant future spain will wake up to find that it has become an Islamic country living under the law of shariah. What a fitting epitath for that Jew hating land.



  4. Bomb iSRAEL!

    Death to zionists

  5. Jews exploit everything they get their greedy hands on.

    Also the diamond industry is controlled by the jews (oppenheimer family cartel)

    Diamonds are NOT RARE! it is an worldwide lie and hype around the diamonds. See videos on about the cartel

  6. Johnny Depp is not a jew and neither are his parents. Get your facts right!

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  8. You’re an idiot! Those 4 Jewish Captains? None of them Jewish! Get your facts and shit togther! Asshole!

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