The Reality of the Holocaust – Betrayal and the Scramble for Shekels

The holocaust is a highly profitable business. But when the millions flow, the Jews sometimes fight amongst themselves.

The story was that Misha Defonseca lived with a pack of wolves to elude the German police.

A Jewess on the run? Why not?

She claimed to have killed a German soldier.

Was it a true story? In a way.

“This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving,” Defonseca said. (Melissa Trujillo, Writer admits Holocaust book is not true, Associated Press, Feb 29, 2008)(emphasis added)

This Jewess had this special reality in her own mind. It wasn’t reality in that it was real, but considering the special conditions in her own mind, it was reality for her. Maybe that’s why it sounded so good to the other Jews. Defonseca went around to synagogues telling her stories.

Why not make some money peddling this “reality” to the goys? Jewish publisher Jane Daniel took charge. Book sales were brisk. The Jews even made a feature film about the book, while selling the book in 18 languages around the world. In fact, the Jewish publisher was so busy making money that she forgot to pay the Jewess Defonseca and her ghost writer more than $22 million.

Defonseca is asking forgiveness. “I ask forgiveness to all who felt betrayed.” (id.) She betrayed the trust of her goy readers, but what goes around comes around.

The Jewess Defonseca was also betrayed by her Jewish publisher. And that’s how it is in this industry.

And the scientific name for this?

Sleight of mouth.

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