The Jewish Attitude to Human Rights – Jerusalem to Abu Ghraib


When the Jewish crusaders — Tommy Franks, Karpinski, Natonski, Petreus — came to Iraq, they took a lot of prisoners. One of the top priorities was to cover their heads with a sack. This made seeing impossible, and breathing more difficult.

Many of the prisoners were innocent, and those not killed during interrogation/torture sessions, are often released, even if several years later.

Is this some new development in history?

Not at all.

Jesus had some camp followers – “ribaldi” accompanying him. One of them was the Jew Judas.


When you associate with Jews, they will always betray you. But Jesus didn’t care too much, because he needed to get crucified to fulfill prophecy. (Mark 14:21, Holy Bible)

Jesus was out in the garden praying by night, when Judas came with a large company of armed men employed by the Jewish rabbis. Judas had worked out a special signal. The person that he kissed would be the one he was betraying (verse 44) (compare with the experience of Viscount Trencaval)

Jesus was an innocent man, but the Jews carried him off to their torture facility. They covered his face (just like they do in Iraq), and beat him (just like they do in Iraq). (verse 65)

They conducted a little judicial hearing in the night. Their witnesses were lying. (verse 56) Reminds one of the “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. The Jewish sources said they were there, but it was all a fabrication.

One of Jesus’ Jewish “friends” Peter was standing in the shadows during the trial. People asked him if hadn’t been together with Jesus. The Jew lied, and denied it. (verses 67-72)

Betrayal, lying, torture, murder.

Watch out when Jews start kissing up to you!

One response to “The Jewish Attitude to Human Rights – Jerusalem to Abu Ghraib

  1. There is truth in that statement, “they will always betray you” the “they” in your statement surely meant organized Jewry like the Zionists, and not individuals. Surely their organization has a preconceived ideology and ruthless methods of following it, but individuals who are not members of such organizations, though identified as Jewish, will behave as individual people, who are mostly honest. Bigotry will get us nowhere. Keep in mind that when most people hear of “The Jews” they are thinking of their dentist or doctor, not of a cult that he is not part of. Of the Zionists and other Jewish power gangs/cults throughout history indeed they will betray you or even kill you.

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