Takeover of New York


In 1609, Henry Hudson was looked for a northwest passage through the polar sea to China, when he came to New York. He noted the fine natural harbor. (Burns and Sanders, New York, GEO, 1999, p. 6) In 1621, the Dutch West India Company laid down a claim on the area between the Delaware River in the south, and the Connecticut River in the north. They called the territory Nieuw Nederlandt (New Netherlands). They sent over a boat with Dutch colonists in 1624, and that was the start of New York. (id., p. 7)


They bought the island of Manhattan for 60 guilders from the locals. (id., p. 8) The settlement was called New Amsterdam. In June 1626, the first load of Negro slaves from Angola arrived. (id., p. 9) Peter Stuyvesant arrived as governor in 1647, and did a lot to built up the colony. (id., p. 13) The economy expanded rapidly, and people came from all over to live and work in the new city. (id., p. 14)

A prospering port city. Lots of profits. But no Jews living there. Something had to change.


In 1654, 23 Jews sailed into the harbor from Brazil. (id., p. 15) They had pretended for years to be Christians, but then came out in the open as Jews when the opportunity presented itself. In 1654, Portugal came back to Brazil, and these Jews left to avoid the consequences of their deceit.


Stuyvesant knew about Jews, and wanted to cast them out straightaway. Unfortunately, a lot of Jews had stock in the West India Company, so he sent a letter to headquarters first. His position was that no Jew should be allowed to dirty the colony of New Netherlands.


Rich Jews controlled the Dutch West India Company through their stock holdings (id., p. 15), so headquarters told Stuyvesant to let the Jews in.

The Jews had slipped back into England around 1650. In 1664, they sent 4 warships to New York, and took over the city. This was the end of Peter Stuyvesant’s governership, (id., p. 19) and the beginning of Jew York City.


Jews being Jews, they rapidly expanded the slave trade. In 1711, they set up a slave market on the east river. (id., p. 26)

In 1712, 25 Negroes burned a building on the East Side of New York. (id., p. 27) When White people tried to put out the fire, Negroes attacked them. White people were not totally cowed back then, so they arrested and executed the Negroes involved in this crime. In the winter of 1741, the Negroes broke into a tobacco shop, and stole the inventory. They started burning down buildings all over the place. Chief Justice Daniel Horsmanden said that gangs were involved. (id., p. 27)

Horsmanden noted that the Negroes had a conspiracy against the Christians (id., p. 28), but didn’t mention who put them up to it.


In 1654 the first refugees arrived fleeing “persecution”. Sixty years later they had the levers of power in their hands, had already imported the unwashed masses, and made life dangerous for the goy population. First New York, and now Denmark.

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