Inflation is “Roaring”, and “Galloping”. Who’s Behind All This?


Inflation is roaring. (Stephen Castle, With inflation roaring, EU proposes reduced sales taxes, International Herald Tribune, 7 July 2008 )

So is inflation a lion?

Send out the hunters and stop this lion!


Wait. Nobody has even seen this lion.

What do people see? Oh, just higher prices. A year or two ago the walnuts cost 1.59. Now they cost 1.89.


And that’s inflation?

A persistent increase in the level of consumer prices or a persistent decline in
the purchasing power of money, caused by an increase in available currency and
credit beyond the proportion of available goods and services. (

Ah, this makes things easier to understand. We’re not dealing with a lion at all. Its just a problem with too much available currency and “credit”.


So who’s responsible?

If its not a lion, who might be behind all this?

Maybe a horse. After all, inflation is galloping.
(Lalatendu Mishra, Galloping inflation hurts exporters, Hindustan Times, 18 July 2008 )

But since when do horses control the supply of money (paper money)?


No, we have to look at the usual address when large sums of money are involved:

1. To what I reported to you at the last meeting I shall now add a detailedexplanation of internal loans. Of foreign loans I shall say nothing more, because they have fed us with the national moneys of the GOYIM, but for our State there will be no foreigners, that is, nothing external.

2. We have taken advantage of the venality of administrators and slackness of rulers to get our moneys twice, thrice and more times over, by lending to the GOY governments moneys which were not at all needed by the States. Could anyone do the like in regard to us? …. Therefore, I shall only deal with the details of internal loans.
3. States announce that such a loan is to be concluded and open subscriptions for their own bills of exchange, that is, for their interest-bearing paper. That they may be within the reach of all the price is determined at from a hundred to a thousand; and a discount is made for the earliest subscribers. Next day by artificial means the price of them goes up, the alleged reason being that everyone is rushing to buy them. In a few days the treasury safes are, as they say, overflowing and there’s more money than they can do with (why then take it?) The subscription, it is alleged, covers many times over the issue total of the loan; in this lies the whole stage effect – look you, they say, what confidence is shown in the government’s bills of exchange.
4. But when the comedy is played out there emerges the fact that a debit and an exceedingly burdensome debit has been created. For the payment of interest it becomes necessary to have recourse to new loans, which do not swallow up but only add to the capital debt. And when this credit is exhausted it becomes necessary by new taxes to cover, not the loan, BUT ONLY THE INTEREST ON IT. These taxes are a debit employed to cover a debit …. (Hence THE CRY TO BALANCE THE BUDGET!) Protocol 21

Seems that the Jew controls credit. And banks. (Nathanael Kapner, Federal Reserve: A Private Jew Bank Strangling America!, They run the Federal Reserve, which prints all that paper.


So its not really the inflation which is roaring, or even galloping. Its just Jews working their usual pranks and tricks with money.

What? “Usual” tricks?

Maybe this has happened before.


We consider the special law of 1780 against the rising tide of foreign Jews. (“fremde Bettel-Juden”) These people were active in trade and usury.

Their business tactics included fraud, theft, fencing, and usury. (Ilja Mieck, Land und Leute und die Existenzbedingungen im Staat Friedrichs II, in Friedrich der Große. Herrscher zwischen Tradition und Fortschritt, Bertelsmann Verlag, 1991, p. 116)

Why would a special law against Jewish practices even be necessary?


Quite simple. They had been allowed back into the country.

The Jews had been expelled from Brandenburg-Preussen in 1573. Grounds? Fraud, usury, and the vice trade.

Just 90 years later, they got back in. In 1663, the Jewish weapon and coin dealer Israel Aron was permitted to set up shop in Berlin. He became a Hofjude to the Grand Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm. This means the Jew could visit the Royal Court and ply his usury trade.


This Jew didn’t stay lonesome for long. In 1671, the Kurfürst allowed 50 Jewish families who had been expelled from Vienna to come and live in Brandenburg. They could live there if they paid a Schützgeld. In the early 1700s, the Jews in Berlin built their first synagogue.

That’s just 300 years ago. Now they run the place.

The German rulers thought they could control the Jews. For example, in 1730, Friedrich Wilhelm put out the rule that the number of Schützjuden living in his province could not increase.

What’s that, you ask.

Its a Jew living under protection of the king. Back in those days, political correctness was nonexistant, and if the Jews hadn’t had the protection of the king, they would not have been tolerated by the common people. (Achim von Borries, Die Rolle der Juden und ihre Existenzbedingungen unter Friedrich II, in Friedrich der Große. Herrscher zwischen Tradition und Fortschritt, Bertelsmann Verlag, 1991, p. 163)


The kings of Prussia knew what they were doing. We consider the political testament of the king from 1752:

Die Juden sind von allen diesen Sekten die Gefährlichsten, weil sie den Handelder Christen schädigen, und weil sie fuer den Staat unbrauchbar sind. Wir haben dieses Volk noetig, um bestimmten Handel mit Polen zu treiben, aber man muss verhindern dass ihre Zahl wächst, und sie nicht nur auf eine bestimmte Zahl von Familien, sondern auf eine bestimmte Zahl von Köpfen festlegen, ihren Handel beschränken und sie hindern, Unternehmungen im grossen zu machen, denn sie sollen nur Kleinhaendler sein. (id., p. 165)

The Jews are of all the religions the most dangerous, because they damage the business interests of the Christians, and because they are useless for this state. We need these people for certain business dealing with Poland, but we must make certain that their numbers do not increase. Not just limiting the number of their families, but also limited the number of Jewish persons here. We need to restrict their business dealings, and hinder them from engaging in big business, because they should just be small traders.

This is reminiscent of a certain experiment in Egypt discussed here. It just doesn’t work.

Once you let Jews in the door, they take over. As we saw here.

The king recognized that an expansion of Jewish influence would be a cancerous danger to the German people. (id.)

Naturally, after Jews got in the door, their influence expanded. In 1730, the Jew David Hirsch started a factory in Potsdam. (id., p. 164)


The kings knew the danger, but Prussia was often at war. Wars cost a lot of money.

In 1758, Veitel Heine Ephraim, Daniel Itzig, and Moses Isaac put together a consortium. They coined all the money. This helped Friedrich II in his wars. However, the common people hated these Jews. They called the coins Ephraimiten.

The money looked good on the outside, but base metal inside. On the outside Friedrich, and on the inside Ephraim. This money was adulterated.

The Jews were in no way motivated by a love of Preussen or Germany. It was pure greed. (id., p. 166)

Pure greed! Where has we seen that before?

Right here, of course.

Here, we explored the Jewish practice of clipping the coin. Whether we’re talking England, Prussia, or the United States, when the money is adulterated, the people become poorer.

And needless to say, the Jew becomes richer and richer. After all, that is their dream.

Chuck and Larry – A Typical Jewish Family

There will always be some skeptics who don’t believe in the Holy Bible. Could the great Jewish king David really have been such a pervert?

One of the best proofs is the outstanding film, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” (2007), from Jewish director David Dugan. Its the story of a Jewish fireman who had 2 children (with a woman). The woman died. The Jewish widower is called Larry Valentine, or at other times Kevin James. His son, Eric, is gay.

Word quickly got around that these Jews were gay, and the other firemen wouldn’t play basketball with them anymore. Larry/Kevin couldn’t even coach Little League anymore.

Fortunately, the enquiring mind can find plenty of evidence to confirm the Holy Bible on this point. And you don’t have to learn Hebrew, or even visit a dusty archaeology museum.

Adam Sandler (also Chuck) calls himself a “whore”. Is this an honest Jew speaking the truth?

Kevin/Larry is a devoted father to his gay son, and would like to find a “domestic partner” to help raise his gay son. Who better than his Jewish pal Adam Sandler?

Adam and Kevin elope to Canada to finalize their gay marriage, and then set up a common household to raise the gay son Eric.

Adam/Chuck fell in love with his goy female lawyer Alex, who had an openly gay brother. Larry/Kevin likes the gay life, and disposes of his dead wife’s clothing.

These gay Jews get into a court, and lie under oath. Then they admit they perjured themselves, but claim it didn’t hurt anyone, so they shouldn’t be penalized.

“Most of the so-called ‘sexual revolution’ that was begun in the late 1960s, is only a continuation of the ceaseless search by the Jews for increased uses for their circumcised penises and for increased profits from their various sex trades, both legal and illegal.” (Dr. Wu Tao-Wei, Viagra for Bigger and Bigger … uh … Profits,

Film director Dugan didn’t need to spend hours brainstorming to get his story line. He just flipped open the Holy Bible, updated the names, and that was it.

This is just how Jews are, Anno Domini 2007.

Whether the story is called “David and Jonathan”, or “Chuck and Larry”, Jews have sex with men, or women, or just lie about it.

This film is a great comedy. You have to laugh when you consider that people send their children to Jewish doctors for “medical treatment”, let them study in universities with Jewish professors, and attend Christian churches which push “Judeo-Christian” values.

The King of the Jews

While the Jewish pope poses as a Christian, he sometimes drops his guard, and lets his 100% Jewishness hang out.

Like on his recent visit to New York, the city of those who crucified the founder of his professed religion.

The pope still wears a memory of this disgusting murder around his neck, but he sure doesn’t let that get in the way of business:

“I know that the Jewish community makes a valuable contribution to the life of the city“. (Pope makes historic visit to synagogue, USA Today, April 18, 2008 )

What exactly does this contribution look like?

Oh, the Jewish governor paid about $80 000 to a New York businessman (a pimp, who was also Jewish) to use goy women. Jewish pornographers spread the pictures around. Drugs, financial swindles, etc. So many contributions.

Could an honest Christian be brought to say all this?

Pope Benedict XVI made his first visit to a synagogue in the United states on Friday, accepting gifts and proclaiming his “respect and esteem” for the New York Jewish community. (id.)

First the pope took the gifts (bribes), and then said good things about the Jews.

And that on the eve of Passover, a commemoration of the time when the Jews cleaned out Egypt, after a massive ritual slaughter.

Once again, the Jewish money power has spoken.

They even have their own man in as pope:

In the synagogue, two youths gave Benedict unleavened matzo bread and a copy of the Passover Haggadah text. The pope told them he would eat the matzo on Saturday, according to the Jewish ritual. (Pope Benedict XVI gets warm welcome at New York synagogue,, April 19, 2008 )(emphasis added)

Not forgetting that the matzo often contains Christian blood.

Maybe even from some of his 65 million American followers. (ERIC GORSKI, Impact of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to US to be seen, AP, April 21, 2008 )

As Senior Rabbi Schneier put it:

“The image of the leader of the Catholic church standing in a synagogue with the rabbi, you don’t have to say a word. It tells you what the statement is.” (id.)(emphasis added)

He takes the money, says what his fellows Jews want to hear, and then eats matzo on the Sabbath, according to his Jewish ritual.

We studied the signs of judaizing here:

  • keeping the Sabbath
  • speaking and reading Hebrew
  • participating in Jewish ceremonies
  • eating of unleavened bread
  • refusal to eat bacon or pork

On the Sabbath, the Jewish pope will enjoy his unleavened bread. Which he got at the synagogue while participating in Jewish ceremonies.

Speaking in Hebrew? Naturally! As a matter of course! (Levi Brackman, Warm welcome for Pope in US synagogue, ynet, April 19, 2008 )

“It is with joy that I come here, just a few hours before the celebration of your Pesah, to express my respect and esteem for the Jewish community in New York City,” the German-born pontiff said, using the Hebrew word for Passover. (id.)(emphasis added)

If it was just one sign, we could say, Oh, he doesn’t eat pork because he’s a vegetarian. Or, He’s Adventist, so he goes to church on Saturday.

But when we see four of the five signs, and put that together with the pope’s track record, there is no real question any longer:


Does Truth Matter?

According to this link, an Israeli airplane may have been hit by missiles: At the same time, this contention appears on the face page: “Jesus appears on wing tip of Israeli airliner, and pushes missiles away“. (

No evidence is presented that Jesus appeared anywhere around an Israeli airliner.

Is the author is lying? A lie is “A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.”  (

And blasphemy: “An irreverent or impious act, attitude, or utterance in regard to something considered inviolable or sacrosanct.” (

Therefore, dear Christian, be on your guard against such damnable people whom God has permitted to sink into such profound abominations and lies, for all they do and say must be sheer lying, blasphemy, and malice, however fine it may look. (Martin Luther, On the Jews and their Lies, Luther’s Works, Volume 47, Fortress Press/Philadelphia, 1955, pp. 137-306 (emphasis added)

From Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq

By Dr. Diego Rodriguez

Reason 1 – Leadership. In Vietnam, there was an independently-minded president, who had to go. “On November 1, 1963, a coup encouraged and supported by the Kennedy administration led to the assassination of South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem.”
(President Richard Nixon’s Role in the Vietnam War,, Local generals took over in consultation with the American ambassador.

Afghanistan is different. Here the American army had to conquer the country before putting in their American-citizen, Afghan-speaking president from Chicago.

Reason 2 – Surges. In Vietnam, there were large sections of the country that seemed to be falling into enemy hands on an ongoing basis. The solution was to drop paratroops and send in the marines from landing craft on the coast.

In Afghanistan, there are large sections of the country that seem to be falling into enemy hands on an ongoing basis. The solution is a series of “temporary” troop surges.

And in Iraq, the Jewish National Review calls the soldiers Re-Liberators.

Reason 3 – Name of Enemy. In Vietnam, the enemy was called Viet Cong, whereas in Afghanistan it’s the Taliban.

Reason 4 – Academic Qualifications of Tortured Women. The Viet Cong sympathizers and suspects were really tricky. It seems they entrusted local farm women (yes, the young, good-looking ones) with the locations of their weapons “caches”. When the tough Americans made a “search-and-destroy” sweep with their Vietnamese lackeys, these beautiful Vietnamese women had their hands tied behind their backs, and were threatened with knives or guns to reveal the secrets. Sometimes the women were dragged by their hair into rivers and repeatedly held under water until they gave up the information.

The Iraqis were so tricky. They had all these weapons of mass-destruction which were soooo well-hidden. Luckily the brave Americans swept into the country with a deck of playing cards having the pictures of the people who knew where the weapons were. Like Dr Huda Ammash, a beautiful and highly-educated Iraqi scientist. They locked her up for two years of questioning/torture.

Reason 5 – Different Names for the Secure Airbase. The Americans in Vietnam had a number of secured bases, the main one being Than Son Nut airbase by Saigon. They had a perimeter, and a wall. Unfortunately, the Vietnamese had zero respect for these brave defenders of democracy, and often took the secure base under “harassing fire”. In Afghanistan, the secured base has a different name – Bagram. It has a perimeter, and a wall. Unfortunately, the Afghans have zero respect for these brave defenders of democracy, and often take the secure base under “harassing fire”. No Americans get hit, you must understand. Its just harassment.

Reason 6 – Different Names for Central Government Troops. In Vietnam, there was the Vietnamese Army, naturally. Some people disrespectfully called it the Army of the Republic of South Vietnam. These government soldiers were not all alike. They had the Rangers, and Vietnamese marines. These were the specially-trained units that knew how to strike Viet Cong suspects under interrogation. Conduct mock drownings of women. And such like.

In Iraq, the Americans have a national army. There are the poorly-motivated line soldiers, but then you have the interior ministry commandos. They have special sunglasses and cool uniforms. They specialize in visiting Sunni neighborhoods and grabbing forty or fifty terror suspects at a time. The prisoners show up dead within a few days. Signs of torture are evident, and the hands are tied behind their backs.

Reason 7 – Different Religion of Local Protesters. In Vietnam, there were those ungrateful Bhuddist monks who kept demonstrating against the legitimate government in Saigon. In Iraq it’s not Bhuddists, but the Association of Muslim Scholars. Sometimes young students would demonstrate against the government in Vietnam. Like in Iraq, where the demonstrators tend to get shot down by the occupation soldiers.

Reason 8 – Different Pacification Tactics. In Vietnam, they had pacification teams dressed in black pyjamas. The visited areas which were allegedly under government control, and sang songs to the children about how good life was in areas controlled by the central government. In Iraq, they have an American-run television station, which tells the people the same thing.

In Vietnam, there was no great problem with prisoners. According to one veteran, his sergeant had a strict no-prisoners policy. One day the soldier came back to base with two Vietnamese prisoners. Sergeant promptly shot them both dead with his .45, and told the soldier to never take prisoners again. When this soldier arrived in the field, his commander told him that he didn’t have to think any more. They would do the thinking for him, and all he had to was kill people.

In Iraq, plenty of people are shot for collateral damage purposes, but enough are tortured in prisons to make the situation different from Vietnam.

Reason 9 – Different Adviser Designations. In Vietnam, the special forces were all over the place. One thing they liked to do was be advisers. Put one or two advisers (Green Berets) in a unit of Vietnamese, and they could tell the Vietnamese how to fight. There were even WACs who instructed Vietnamese women how to march.

In Iraq, there are American advisers who live and sleep with their Iraqi units. They tell them how to fight. In Vietnam, these special forces had their fire bases, which were often harassed by the Viet Cong. Not seriously challenged, you understand. But harassed.

Reason 10 – Different Economic Motivations. Vietnam had rubber plantations, whereas Iraq has oil, and Afghanistan was/is on the route for a big oil pipeline.

Reason 11 – Different Locations for Terrorist Bombings. In Vietnam, the Viet Cong had zero scruples. They’d bomb the American officer billets in Saigon. Even attacked the American embassy on several occasions.

In Afghanistan, the officers are not billeted out in the city anymore, so now they just get bombed when they are driving around town.

Reason 12 – Different Tactics Against Dissenters. During the Vietnam war, the protest movement was infiltrated by government agents. During public protests, the police often moved in with their sticks of pain.

The demonstrators took a beating, but were still alive at the end of the day. Now the police use tasers on those misguided cattle. Dissenter Pat Tillman took a pattern in the forehead.

Reason 13 – Uncontrollable Areas have Different Names. In Vietnam, there was no end of trouble in the central highlands. Pleiku was often plagued by Viet Cong harassment. In Afghanistan, the problems are in the mountainous south and east. The crusaders of democracy in Helmand are often plagued by Taliban harassment.

Reason 14 – Refugees go to Neighboring Country. In Vietnam, when the American-sponsored national government had to give up Hue, streams of American collaborators fled south. In Afghanistan, there’s less collaboration, so when the Taliban take over a region, there is no mass exodus. Sometimes the American bombing campaign gets to being too much for the locals, but then they flee east to Pakistan, instead of south to Saigon.

Reason 15 – Coalition Forces Different. In Vietnam, the Americans were assisted by South Korean and Australian soldiers. The English were absent. Now the English are the main foreign lackeys in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reason 16 – Photos. In Vietnam, dead American soldiers were often photographed. In the newer wars, plenty of American soldiers still die, but their photos just don’t seem to show up.

Reason 17 – Different Bomber Bases. In Vietnam, lots of the bombers flew in from Guam, or from American ships in the South China Sea. In Iraq, the missions are flown from Diego Garcia and American ships in the Persian Gulf.

Reason 18 – Different Weapons. In Vietnam, the people used punji sticks against the occupation army. In Iraq, they apparently use shaped-charge road bombs. A similarity is that mortar fire has been used regularly in both places. Lots of that “harassment” going on.

Reason 19 – Much Smaller Presence. In Vietnam, the American soldiers surged up to about 500 000. In Iraq/Kuwait/Saudi Arabia/Turkey/Israel, its only about 250 000 (officially).

Reason 20 – Young Casualties. In Vietnam, a lot of photos were taken of heaps of really young Vietnamese – dead of course. They were casualties in human-wave assaults on American bases. No military clothing or weapons on them, naturally, but the Americans said they were combat casualties.

In Iraq, the story is a little different. Now its “death squads” that kill the children and dump them in heaps.

Conclusion – There are so many reasons why Afghanistan/Iraq is not another Vietnam. The most important one is this difference in names: In Vietnam, the Jewish general Creighton Abrams was supervising the slaughter. Nowadays, it’s the Jewish general Petraus. Sure its still the American goys that do the dying in the field. The American people still pay the bills. The Jews still clean up.

As a Vietnam veteran put it: It’s all about greed. He served two tours, and watched the price of gas go from 24.9 when he left to a dollar a gallon when he got back. He’s watched the same price gouging happen during the Iraq war.

But from a distance. He and his fellow soldiers got sprayed with so much Agent Orange, produced by the Jewish Dow Chemical Company, that his health is a wreck.

Jewish Pirates

Some occupations get attacked a lot in Hollywood films — priests, German camp guards, and Christian missionaries.

But one occupation gets only praise — that of the pirates.

Recently “The Jewish Walt Disney Company” (Professor Hasan Bolkhari, Member of the Film Council of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, cultural advisor to the Iranian Education Ministry, Iran Channel 4, February 19, 2006, cited at presented a series of three films put together by Jewish (Biography of Jerry Bruckheimer, Barnes and Noble, filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer.

The theme was Jewish pirates in the Caribbean. The films included four Jewish pirate captains — Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, and Bill Nighy. (Rush at far left, Depp at right, pic: Walt Disney Pictures)

Nighy likes to visit New York’s Jewish delis, where one of his favorite dishes is the matzo ball soup. (NOT-ZO BRIGHT, New York Post, January 10, 2007, In the film, he plays pirate captain Davy Jones. Jones sails around the world looking for slaves to work on his ship for a period of 100 years. His beard consists of octopus-like tentacles which he uses to strangle enemies when arguments get heated.

Nicolae Paulescu, professor of physiology at University of Bucharest, said that the Jews of Rumania dominated trade and industry. Their octopus-like tentacles were squeezing the people of Rumania. He said they wanted to turn the country into a new Palestine. (Keith Hitchins, Rumania 1866 – 1947, Clarendon Press, 1994, p. 402)

Nighy is portrayed as not even having a heart, and being unbelievably brutal with his slaves, and with his competitors.

The Jew (Famous Jews,

Orlando Bloom plays the role of pirate captain Will Turner. He infiltrates colonial society to win the love of the goy governor’s daughter, and then sucks her into piracy. He betrays his comrades in the films. Which brings us back to Shechem and the treachery there.

Jewish actor ( Geoffrey Rush plays pirate Captain Barbossa, a variation on Barbosa, an old Jewish name (S Levin. M.D., A Spot of Identity, Rush led a mutiny (treachery) against fellow pirate Depp, leaving Depp on a small, deserted island to die.

Depp plays captain Jack Sparrow, a Jewish pirate with bad breath. So bad that when he blew on fellow Jew Orlando Bloom, Bloom fell overboard the ship.

Barbra Streisand brought attention to this Jewish trait: “Brooklyn once seemed to her a place with no redeeming features, not even its ice cream. She called it the home of ‘baseball, boredom and bad breath.'” (Anne Fadiman, BARBRA PUTS HER CAREER ON THE LINE WITH ‘YENTL’ – AND LEARNS NEW LESSONS ABOUT HER POWER AND HER FEMININITY, Life Magazine, December 1983)(emphasis added)

The real, historical pirates were Jews. Like Jean Laffite. He lived between 1780 and 1826. He spent years raiding Spanish shipping. Sure he liked silver and gold, but what he really enjoyed was a cargo of slaves. (compare with Pernambuco) Once he and his crew had used the slaves for their depraved appetites, he brought them to his brother Pierre Laffite in Louisiana for sale to plantations. (The Free Dictionary,,+Jean)

Laffite “claimed to command more than 3,000 men”, but “The actual number he commanded was more likely a few dozen”. (Jean Lafitte, Wikipedia)

And this Jew was a loyal citizen? “The Lafittes were also engaged in espionage, and were, in effect, double agents. The notion of their loyalty to the United States, while much evoked by their own publicity, was highly dubious. The Lafittes (Pierre, in particular) spied for Spain through agents in Cuba and in Louisiana. While often providing solid material, the Lafittes in fact played both sides, American and Spanish, and always with an eye to securing their own interests.” (id.)(emphasis added)

They were spies. Loyal only to themselves, and betraying the countries they did business with.

And the Jewish bloodline?

“this diary would demonstrate that Jean Lafitte was Jewish, through descent from his maternal grandmother Zora Nadrimal. Harold I. Sharfman in Jews on the Frontier: An account of Jewish Pioneers and Settlers in Early America, accepted that Lafitte was of Jewish descent. The family were Marranos who converted under pressure to Roman Catholicism in the 14th century, but continued to practice Judaism secretly. In 1765, Jean’s grandmother, Maria Zola, fled with her mother from Spain to France to escape the Spanish Inquisition. Maria Zola’s husband, Abhorad (Jean’s grandfather), was put to death by the Inquisition for “judaizing.” (Sharfman, Harold I., Jews on the Frontier, Henry Regnery Company, Chicago. 1977. pp. 132-145).” (id.)

Converted? That was just show. They were Jews all along.

Barbossa engages in disputes with fellow Jewish pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). Both would like to be captain, and engage in lying and trachery on a regular basis. “Sparrow is the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea and can be treacherous, surviving mostly by using wit and negotiation rather than weapons and force; although he will fight if necessary, he tries to flee most dangerous situations.” (Jack Sparrow, Wikipedia)

“According to screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, Sparrow is a trickster who uses wit and deceit to attain his goals”. (id.)

He is a liar and a trickster. With an “enormous ego”. (id.) His Jewish father, Captain Teague (a typical Jewish name), was also a pirate. Little Jack was born on a pirate ship during a storm. (id.)

The Jewish pirate captain Davy Jones asked Depp how he could sell out a friend to a lifetime of slavery. Depp said he was good at this. (id.) “Sparrow also has bad personal hygiene”. (id.) He suffers from bad breath, and blew the foul air at a man to knock him off the ship.

There was practically no hygiene in the Jewish neighborhood of Rome. The Jews had a peculiar stench. (Peter de Rosa, Gottes Erste Diener – Die dunkle Seite des Papsttums, 1989, p. 241)

He stole rum to satisfy his unnatural thirst. (Wikipedia, id.)

Sparrow slowly loses his mind in the course of the series. “Disney executives were initially confused by Depp’s performance, asking him whether the character was drunk or gay.” (id.) Compare here.

A group of Jewish pirate captains engaging in lying and treachery. When they aren’t busy stealing from others. Even fellow Jews weren’t sure if pirate captain Sparrow was drunk or gay.

Is the Jew Bruckheimer anti-Semitic? “It is not anti-Semitic to tell the truth”. (Celebrate Messiah Australia,

But he certainly does show his people in a bad light.

Robbery at sea. Lying. Treachery.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Lots of people are talking about a “race” these days. Not to the one who can run the fastest with a car, or even with the legs.

No, this race goes to the one who can run the fastest with the mouth.

John McCain is out front because his mouth works so well. Back in 1998, he posed the deep question: “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?”

His answer: “Because her father is Janet Reno.”

And McCain? He looks really good himself?

Its a matter of opinion.

There’s also a lot of talk about Barack and Hillary:

Will Obama be the first Negro president to move into the Black House? When will the building be repainted?

There are key primaries, and Obama is facing questions.

So much buzz.

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which horse wins a race when they all come from the same stable.

Can Jews control politics with their money power and total control of the media?

They have before.

And will until the people know what’s really going on.

Sourcing the New Generation of Smokers

As the old smokers die off from lung cancer and heart attacks, the nicotine business needs fresh young smokers to survive.

Tobacco advertising is the means that cigarette companies use to get fresh smokers on board, and hold on to existing smokers until they get sick and die. (Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada, Cigarette Marketing in Canada – More Ways to end Tobacco Advertising, June 2007, The tobacco companies don’t necessarily make their advertisements to kill people. They do it to make money. (id.) Consider the cover story about Josh Brolin, above. He’s a tough guy. And exquisitely dressed. And just happens to be smoking a cigarette.

And if millions of innocent people just happen to be deceived by the advertising and die from cigarettes? At least the tobacco companies made lots of money.

The advertising is designed to make people think its normal to smoke cigarettes. And dangerous? Do the models in the advertisements look sick??

They want people to think their industry is legitimate (even though it kills and sickens millions).

In Canada, the tobacco business costs the country about $17 billion a year. People get sick. They die. Society loses their productivity. And so on. (id.)


There are supposedly laws which restrict tobacco advertising.

The November, 2007, issue of Rolling Stone magazine had nine pages of cartoon-style advertising for Reynolds Tobacco products.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General, Tom Corbett, says this is marketing directed at children: “Their latest nine-page advertising spread in Rolling Stone, filled with cartoons, flies in the face of their pledge to halt all tobacco marketing to children”. (Marc Levy, States Sue RJ Reynolds Over Camel Ads, AP, Dec 4, 2007,


One tactic is to produce sweet-tasting tobacco for water pipe use. They add fruit flavors and sugar, and the smoke tastes really good. Even though a water pipe is used, the poison still gets through. The young smokers still get that nicotine kick. In fact, the nicotine gets into the body quicker with a water pipe vehicle than with a cigarette vehicle. (pic:

Use of a water pipe has the image of getting to know other cultures. Two-thirds of the youth in Denmark have tried it. It feels nice to sit with your friends and taste the sweet smoke.

And before the youth know it, they can be slaves to a nicotine addiction. (Vandpibe lokker unge til rygning, DR, Jun 4, 2007,


The industry promotes “light” cigarettes as being somehow healthier. “The level of nicotine that smokers typically consume per cigarette has risen about 10% in the past six years, making it harder to quit and easier to get hooked, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Massachusetts Department of Health.”

Smokers who choose “light” brands hoping to reduce their nicotine intake are out of luck, according to the report that found for all brands tested in 1998 and 2004, there was no significant difference in the total nicotine delivered between “full flavor,” “medium,” “light,” or “ultra-light” cigarettes. (U.S. report: More nicotine in cigarettes, USA Today, Aug 30, 2006,


The industry targets some brands at the younger smokers. These brands have above-average amounts of nicotine, ensuring that the youth get fully addicted for a profitable lifetime of cigarette smoking.

“The study found the three most popular cigarette brands with young smokers — Marlboro, Newport and Camel — delivered significantly more nicotine than they did six years ago. Nicotine consumed in Kool, a popular menthol brand, rose 20%, for example.” (id.)

And what did the industry have to say about the findings? “Jennifer Golisch, a spokeswoman for Altria Group Inc.’s Phillip Morris USA, the nation’s largest cigarette maker and manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes, declined to comment. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., manufacturer of Kool and Camel cigarettes, also declined. Reynolds is part of Reynolds American Inc.”. (id.)(emphasis added)


There are even nicotine lollipops available! (Stop smoking, drink water, CNNMoney, May 24, 2002,
What age segment is best known for consuming lollipops?


Cigarette companies use tactics like these:

Adjustment of tobacco blends by using high-nicotine tobaccos and higher nicotine parts of tobacco leaves to raise the nicotine concentration in lower “tar” cigarettes.

Addition of extraneous nicotine to fortify tobacco stems, scraps, and other waste materials, which are processed into “reconstituted tobacco”, a product not found in nature that is used in significant quantities in most major cigarette brands.

Addition of ammonia compounds, which speed the delivery of free nicotine to smokers by raising the pH, or alkalinity, of tobacco smoke, causing the smoker to “freebase” the drug into his or her bloodstream, much as crack users freebase cocain.

Use of filter and ventilation systems that remove a higher percentage of tar than nicotine.

Genetic engineering of tobacco plants to substantially boost nicotine content, as Brown & Williamson has done by producing and using in mass-marketed cigarettes the super-charged “Y-1” tobacco, conduct which earlier this year led to a federal criminal conviction.

Use of nearly invisible ventilation holes that dilute the smoke and thus reduce nicotine delivery in machine tests leading to lower advertised nicotine levels but which are often covered by the fingers and lips of human smokers, who consequently inhale much higher levels of the drug, as well as the cancer-causing tar.

Addition of chemicals, such as acetaldehyde and pyridine, that act synergistically to strengthen nicotine’s impact on the brain and central nervous system. (WA Farone, 7 and 11 April 1996, unpublished papers).

Dr William A Farone, a former Director of Applied Research at Philip Morris, where he supervised a directorate of more than 150 research scientists, has pointed out that cigarette makers also use ingredients such as chocolate, cocoa, and menthol, which they claim are nothing more than innocuous food additives (WA Farone, 7 April 1996, unpublished papers; American Tobacco Company et al, 12 April 1994, unpublished document disseminated to the media).

As Dr Farone notes, however, chocolate and cocoa, when burned, produce theobromine, a bronchodilator that helps open up the air passageways and facilitate easier inhalation. Menthol, in turn, numbs the throat, also facilitating inhalation. (Taking aim at the bull’s-eye: the nicotine in tobacco products, Tobacco Control, (internal citations omitted)

They do what they can to make smoking easier, increase nicotine delivery, and keep down their rated levels of nicotine (which are shown on the package).

The Reality of the Holocaust – Betrayal and the Scramble for Shekels

The holocaust is a highly profitable business. But when the millions flow, the Jews sometimes fight amongst themselves.

The story was that Misha Defonseca lived with a pack of wolves to elude the German police.

A Jewess on the run? Why not?

She claimed to have killed a German soldier.

Was it a true story? In a way.

“This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving,” Defonseca said. (Melissa Trujillo, Writer admits Holocaust book is not true, Associated Press, Feb 29, 2008)(emphasis added)

This Jewess had this special reality in her own mind. It wasn’t reality in that it was real, but considering the special conditions in her own mind, it was reality for her. Maybe that’s why it sounded so good to the other Jews. Defonseca went around to synagogues telling her stories.

Why not make some money peddling this “reality” to the goys? Jewish publisher Jane Daniel took charge. Book sales were brisk. The Jews even made a feature film about the book, while selling the book in 18 languages around the world. In fact, the Jewish publisher was so busy making money that she forgot to pay the Jewess Defonseca and her ghost writer more than $22 million.

Defonseca is asking forgiveness. “I ask forgiveness to all who felt betrayed.” (id.) She betrayed the trust of her goy readers, but what goes around comes around.

The Jewess Defonseca was also betrayed by her Jewish publisher. And that’s how it is in this industry.

And the scientific name for this?

Sleight of mouth.

The Jewish Attitude to Human Rights – Jerusalem to Abu Ghraib


When the Jewish crusaders — Tommy Franks, Karpinski, Natonski, Petreus — came to Iraq, they took a lot of prisoners. One of the top priorities was to cover their heads with a sack. This made seeing impossible, and breathing more difficult.

Many of the prisoners were innocent, and those not killed during interrogation/torture sessions, are often released, even if several years later.

Is this some new development in history?

Not at all.

Jesus had some camp followers – “ribaldi” accompanying him. One of them was the Jew Judas.


When you associate with Jews, they will always betray you. But Jesus didn’t care too much, because he needed to get crucified to fulfill prophecy. (Mark 14:21, Holy Bible)

Jesus was out in the garden praying by night, when Judas came with a large company of armed men employed by the Jewish rabbis. Judas had worked out a special signal. The person that he kissed would be the one he was betraying (verse 44) (compare with the experience of Viscount Trencaval)

Jesus was an innocent man, but the Jews carried him off to their torture facility. They covered his face (just like they do in Iraq), and beat him (just like they do in Iraq). (verse 65)

They conducted a little judicial hearing in the night. Their witnesses were lying. (verse 56) Reminds one of the “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. The Jewish sources said they were there, but it was all a fabrication.

One of Jesus’ Jewish “friends” Peter was standing in the shadows during the trial. People asked him if hadn’t been together with Jesus. The Jew lied, and denied it. (verses 67-72)

Betrayal, lying, torture, murder.

Watch out when Jews start kissing up to you!